Remote job interviews aren’t too different from in-person ones. The company wants to figure out if you’re the right candidate for them, and, of course, you want to figure out if the company is right for you. You’ve built a solid CV and you’ve written a meaningful cover letter; now it’s time to nail the interview. Whether it’s your first remote interview or not, it never hurts to review these steps to make sure you get everything in place.



Organise Your Set-up


Your first piece of preparation should be to ensure you’re set up properly. Make sure you have the interview in a place that’s distraction-free. The last thing you want is the sounds of children fighting, your dog barking or a neighbour’s lawn mower in the background. Avoid any harsh lighting behind you, as this will turn you into a shadowy silhouette. Instead, try to have some natural light in front of your face. Don’t forget to also think about your background and ensure that there won’t be anything which will distract the interviewer. If you can, use a high quality web-cam, to ensure the interviewer can see and hear you properly during the interview.



Do a Test Run


Don’t leave it until the last minute to test your interview set-up; make sure your connection is strong or your set-up is suitable. Before the interview, find out what program the company uses and test it out to make sure it works with your equipment. And, if it doesn’t, make the necessary changes or adjustments. You could also record or film yourself talking in an interview scenario. It’ll show you how you come across in terms of your intonation and body language, as well as allow you to check your sound and lighting quality. It’s really important to do a test run well before this so you can iron out any issues in good time.



Dress the Part


The right attire can put you in the correct frame of mind and encourage a positive first impression. So, even if you know it’s a phone interview, and the other person will never see you, do get fully dressed – not only is it professional, it also puts you in the right frame of mind to have a formal conversation. You never know when someone might want to switch to video. And, if nothing else, dressing up will put you in the “interview” mindset.



Prepare Your Notes


As you would with a physical interview, prepare some answers to possible interview questions and have these printed off in front of you. Try to keep them brief rather than fully scripted, so you are able to speak freely and naturally in the interview. Prepare some notes to show that you understand the company and position, why you are the most accessible and responsive candidate, your past experience and skills and how they can be applied to the position you are interviewing for.


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