The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently transformed how and where employees work. A recent survey by the Whitaker Institute in April 2021 found that out of over 6,000 respondents, 32% of workers want to be full-time remote even as offices open back up, and a massive 53% want to have an approach that blends remote and in-office time. Here are some insights gained from remote working over the past year.

Flexibility is key to the happiness of employees

91% of respondents agreed that remote work gives more flexibility. Employees can now enjoy reduced or nonexistent commutes and more time with their families, alongside other factors that will benefit their mental health. With 53% of respondents preferring a hybrid style of workplace, where they have split their time between home and office, this is a massive insight for companies who only ever adopted a full-time office work format. Employees have now experienced more flexibility in their work life and will sway towards companies who accommodate this style of workplace.

One of NoCo’s core values is flexibility for companies and their employees. We make it easy to connect your team to their local workspace with one membership, one monthly invoice and one point of contact to help you manage your hybrid workspace network.


Due to the past and current growth of remote teams and hybrid workplaces, another insight discovered in the Whitaker Institute survey was the consideration of employees relocating. With some companies adopting a fully remote or hybrid workplace, employees aren’t in a position where they have to live in close proximity to their office. When asked if they would consider relocating based on their experience of working remotely since COVID-19, 24% of respondents said ‘yes’ with 9% of respondents having already relocated. The West (Galway, Mayo, Roscommon), the South-west (Cork and Kerry) and the Border (Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan and Sligo) were the top regions respondents have relocated to.

The Scaling of Companies

Office upsizing won’t be done in plateaued stages anymore, where you graduate from one tier of square footage to another while signing multiyear leases that you may outgrow before the term is up. Instead, employers will adopt a more dynamic office solution that can grow—and shrink—with their needs. Companies will no longer have to commit to long leases that may not suit the future growth or downsizing, providing huge benefits in terms of costs. Using co-working spaces with NoCo allows you ultimate flexibility for your team, giving you the opportunity to scale your business and hire for more roles without the added burden of needing extra office space.

Concerns from employees about returning to the office

Another insight gained from the most recent Remote Working Survey, were the concerns associated with returning to their onsite office environment. Three main issues that were raised were readjustment to office life, maintaining social distancing protocols, and resuming the commute to the office. These concerns are swaying employees towards the preference of remote working – on a full time or part time basis.


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