What is Hubspot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. It does this by bringing together a variety of functionalities and allowing marketing and sales departments to manage all their activities in one place.

How is Hubspot adopting the hybrid approach?

HubSpot is committed to building a culture where people can do their best work. They believe it does not matter where you work from but what is important is  the quality of work produced. Many HubSpotters have worked fully remotely for years now, with about 10% of employees working remotely even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic opened their eyes to the opportunities and rewards of an increased hybrid workforce. After conducting their own inhouse surveys they realised more change was needed.  Their own employee data reflects the shift to remote. The results showed two-thirds of HubSpotters plan to work remotely more often once our offices reopen, and approximately 16% are interested in moving to a full-time remote set-up, in addition to hundreds of employees who are already remote.  

Not only are their current employees looking for change but future employees also seem to want the adoption of remote work. Remote job postings compared to all postings on LinkedIn grew 91% from the first week of March 2020 to the last week of April 2020, This can also be hugely beneficial for the company. The ability to hire remotely allows an increased access to talent, especially talent outside our existing networks and cities. They believe access to a career in tech shouldn’t be determined by your zip code and are therefore excited about the possibilities remote work opens up for workers in rural areas who historically haven’t had the option to pursue a job they love from where they are.

In 2021 they announced they Were going to shift to a hybrid remote-office model where career growth is equitable for everyone, whether you do your best work in an office or in a home office.

From January 2021 they allowed employees 3 work options:

  • From the office office: You come into a HubSpot office 3 or more days per week. You have a dedicated desk for your laptop, monitor, family photos, plants, and anything else that makes your workspace truly yours.
  • The Flex: You come into a HubSpot office 2 or fewer days per week. When you come to the office, you’ll be allocated a “hotel desk”, which will be organized by team when possible
  • From home: You work the majority of your time from home in a HubSpot-approved entity.

Also all employees will have the chance to change the option once per year. They hope that by having a menu of options, employees can find what truly works for them and  where it’s best for them.

In order to make their new approach fully inclusive Hubspot are: 

  • Location-agnostic benefits & perks: Introducing benefits and perks that you don’t have to come to a HubSpot office to enjoy. 
  • Manager expectations & training: Moving forward, an expectation of great leadership at HubSpot will be the ability to build and grow high-performing teams remotely.
  • Remote job openings: Their goal will be to post 70% of HubSpot roles as location-agnostic on their careers website, if located within the hiring country. You can find out more about available jobs on the  Careers homepage .

What to expect as a remote HubSpotter:

  • Dedicated Resources: RemoteSpot is their go-to resource for all things remote work at HubSpot. Employees have quick access to tailored information, programming, and support.
  • Easy Collaboration: Whether you’re a desk away or a continent away, distance shouldn’t affect collaboration. Global teams feel tight-knit with tools like Zoom and Slack that make communication seamless.
  • Community :Remote work shouldn’t feel remote. They have a thriving community of remote employees that share stories and advice in the #remote-brains-trust Slack room.
  • Employee Experience: At Hubspot they believe our values live in our hearts, not in our hallways. That’s why they don’t try to copy-paste office culture into a remote world. Instead, they’re building a culture for the future of work where perks, benefits, and culture programming are remote inclusive.

Hubspot encourages employees to work from where they work best. For permanent career opportunities, all of our departments support fully remote work in the following countries, including over 40 states in North America. Including the United States, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Colombia. Hubspot believes work is not tied to location that instead it is tied to the people themselves and wherever they may be. 


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