The pandemic has significantly changed the way we work and our mindset towards going to work. Lockdown has forced changes that would’ve taken decades if planned but instead change took place in a number of days. One of the key takeaways from the last year is that most businesses are able to operate ‘as normal’ without staff being together in the office. Although this was not possible in every single industry, it was an option for most. This has created a new form of flexibility for both employees and employers. For many, remote work/working from home is something that will continue into the future of working.


Perks of Remote Work

  • Reduced commuting time 
  • Extra time in the morning/evening
  • improved work-life balance 
  • Increased flexibility


What is important to consider when working remotely?



Communication is key in any work setting, however when employees are no longer able to meet face to face, this can cause challenges. Thankfully, technology has been a real game-changer for businesses. Improvements and advances in technology have helped to break down traditional communication barriers. Although it is still very important to remember to regularly check in with employees throughout the day, communication needs to be regular and consistent. 



Although technology has been a great way of continuing office communication, it, like anything else, has its moments. Technology can be somewhat temperamental and unreliable in certain situations, from Zoom calls breaking up, to dropped WiFi and slow systems. These can all take its toll on employees and their productivity and workflow. Therefore, employers need to make sure their employees have access to the right technology and IT security systems. 



Keeping staff morale high has become a priority in lockdown. With these new obstacles employers have had to find creative and innovative ways to keep staff morale high on a virtual basis.


Work Rates 

Measuring work based on outcome rather than time can be more effective in a remote working environment. Reducing focus on hours worked and increased focus on productivity can help make work more rewarding for remote workers. This can also be achieved by creating more task based work. 

Working Environment

Space can be one of the largest issues when considering working remotely. Many employees homes are not equipped with the space or equipment needed to work from home. Without a dedicated workspace, employees can find it difficult to switch off after hours. For example, working and sleeping in your bedroom can add to work-related stress and anxiety. Not only can space be an issue at home, but we also must consider the distractions which can be found when working in our own space. It is important to reduce these distractions as ultimately increased distraction can lead to decreases in productivity. 






The way we work has been changed forever and it is important for both employers and employees to adapt to this change. Remote work has shown that staff do not all need to be operating in the same place at the same time to be productive.


However, it is clear that working from home will not work for everyone. Working from home alone can make employees feel isolated and can increase their stress levels. This is why hybrid working is an excellent option. Employees have the opportunity to work in a place closer to home while also receiving the benefits of office life. This can change our outlook and working environment. As we make our way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, co-working spaces can be a great option for bridging the gap between office work and working from home. 



How can NoCo help?

We make it easy to connect your team to their local workspace with one membership, one monthly invoice, and one point of contact to help you manage your hybrid workspace network. We take the work out of adapting to a hybrid workplace with convenient locations, full-time and part-time options, no long term contracts and one monthly invoice.


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